1. Advantages of Motors

                  2019-10-11 781

                  Advantages of electric motor:

                  1. Small size, light weight and large output.

                  2. It can operate at low speed and high power, and can save the heavy load directly driven by the reducer.

                  3. It has all the advantages of the traditional DC motor, together with the elimination of carbon brush and sliding ring structure.

                  4. Soft start, soft stop and good braking characteristics can save the original mechanical brake or electromagnetic brake device.

                  5. High efficiency, the motor itself has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminating the multi-stage deceleration loss, the comprehensive power saving rate can reach 20%~60%, only one year to recover the purchase cost.

                  6. High reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple maintenance and maintenance.

                  7. Anti-vibration, low noise, low vibration, smooth operation and long service life.

                  8. No radio interference, no sparks, especially suitable for explosive sites, explosion-proof.

                  Motor is a kind of equipment that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. Motor is divided into DC motor and communication motor according to different power supply. Most of the motors in power system are communication motor, which can be synchronous motor or asynchronous motor. The working principle of the motor is the effect of the magnetic field on the current force, which makes the motor roll.

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