1. The advantages of brushless reducer motor may replace brushless reducer motor

                  2019-10-11 765

                    BLDCM may replace BLDCM

                    A. Scope of application: Brushless motors are generally used in equipment with high control requirements and high speed, such as aircraft models, fine instruments and instruments, which have strict control of motor speed and high speed. Brushless motors are commonly used in power equipment, such as blowers, factory motors, household lampblack pumps, etc.

                    B. Service life: The service life of brushless motors is in the order of tens of thousands of hours, mainly depending on the different bearings; the continuous service life of brushless motors is in the range of hundreds to 1000 hours, and the carbon brushes need to be replaced when they reach the application limit.

                    C. Application function: Brushless motor is usually controlled by digital frequency conversion, which has strong controllability. It can be easily completed from several rotations per minute to tens of thousands of rotations per minute. After starting the carbon brush motor, the working speed is constant, speed regulation is not easy, and the series motor can also reach 20,000 rps, but the service life will be shorter.

                    D. Energy saving and environmental protection: Relatively speaking, the brushless motor operated by frequency conversion technology will save more energy than the series motor, the most typical of which is the frequency conversion air conditioning and refrigerator.

                    E. Repair: Carbon brush motors need to replace carbon brushes, but brushless motors have a long service life and no need for routine protection. ?

                    F. Noise?: It has nothing to do with whether there is a brush motor or not. It mainly depends on the matching of bearing and clicking on internal components.

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