1. Characteristics of TEFC Motor

                  2019-10-11 873

                    TEFC motor is fully enclosed fan-cooled motor, TEFC motor is self-ventilated cooling motor. The motor can be used for open or fully enclosed housing. Common motor generally refers to DC motor. The stator of brush DC motor is magnet (or excitation coil) and the rotor is coil.

                    TEFC is air cooled with special refrigeration equipment. The TEFC motor is cooled by air through the motor shell. The air is supplied by the fan installed on the motor shaft. Ordinary motors are equipped with fans on the axle for ventilation and cooling, forcing air to flow through the open end of the motor and to flow out from both sides.

                    TEFC motor is self-ventilated motor. The general protection level of TEFC motor is IP54. TEFC motors can be used in open or fully enclosed enclosures and in very harsh environments. The air used for ventilation (supplied by the user) enters the motor through the air duct, and the heat is discharged from the motor through the air duct. Brush DC motor uses commutation organization to connect coil and current. The commutation organization consists of a commutator and a brush with the function of direction exchange.


                    The characteristics of TEFC motor:

                    1. The electrical characteristics of the motor used in fully enclosed units depend on whether the motor starts with load or without load or under the condition of pressure balance.

                    2. The fundamental operation process of the fully enclosed motor is the same as that of the open motor. All the torque is produced by induction.

                    3. Rotating moment with high demand for starting with load. In this case, the starting winding needs a large number of conductors, and the general producers are competing to make the starting torque twice the additional torque; that is to say, a motor with 1/6 horsepower can output 1/3 horsepower during starting. When the motor speed reaches the extra speed, there are various ways to cut off the starting equipment.

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