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Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

If you’re an active mom with a new baby, you might think that your jogging days are behind you. If you like to keep fit, how are you going to do that with a baby?

The problem for many new parents in this scenario is that even if they have time when the baby is sleeping, they’re often too tired. However, what if you could go on a run and get some fresh air when you take your baby out?

​Baby Trend build some of the best travel systems around and the inclusion of a jogging stroller is a great addition to their range.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

If you like to keep fit, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System might just be for you.

Most strollers are built for walking at a steady speed around shopping centers, but the Baby Trend Expedition does things a little bit differently.

So, how does it stack up next to the competition in this range?

The Price Is Right

The first thing we noticed is the very affordable price. When you’re new parent, buying the right gear can be pretty expensive. The good news is that the Baby Trend Expedition is actually very affordable. In fact, it’s one of the least expensive jogger-type strollers on the market right now.

How Easy Is it to Use?

Sadly, lots of strollers are not all that easy to set up. Many of them come with multiple levers and knobs just to fold and unfold the whole thing. A good stroller should be easy to fold and unfold just because tired parents are not always going to have a lot of patience or time!

The good news here is that the Baby Trend Expedition fares quite well in this area. By sliding up two side levers and using two hands, you can easily fold up the stroller.

This is easy enough, but we understand that there are strollers on the market that can be folded using only one hand. When you’re a busy parent, the one handed fold up might have some appeal.

The Baby Trend Expedition is certainly easy enough to manage, and even has a removable front wheel that makes it easier to store, but some people may prefer a one-handed folding option.

What About Safety Features?

Of course, every parent wants to know that the baby equipment they invest in is going to protect its precious cargo. So, how safe is the Baby Trend Expedition?

1. The Braking System

The brakes work just fine, but the trouble is that they require two pedals to be pressed. That’s not exactly ideal in our estimation, especially since this is designed to be a jogger stroller. We also found that the brake activation pedals are a bit stiff, and this may make them harder to push in when in a rush.

2. Protection for Baby

Baby skin is delicate and it doesn’t take long for it to be burned by exposure to the sun. Luckily, the Baby Trend Expedition also includes a sunshade. It’s not a bad size, but it’s also not overly large.

There’s a little mesh window so that baby can see out and parents can look in. The problem is that because the sunshade isn’t especially big, the knees of your baby will be exposed. That’s okay if they’re wearing long pants, but it could be an issue in the summer.

3. The Baby Harness

The good news is that the five-point harness is easy to use on the Baby Trend Expedition. It’s not as complex to use as some harnesses, which we think is a big plus for this model. Unfortunately, it does lack extra padding, so this may not be ideal for some parents.

How Does it Handle?

When you buy a jogger-type stroller, the expectation is that it will be a smooth and easy ride. The good news is the Baby Trend Expedition rates quite highly in this regard. In fact, we think it’s better in terms of maneuverability than some of the more expensive brands on the market.

Due to a small wheel-base and lightweight construction, the Baby Trend Expedition is a dream to push around on virtually any surface. This includes concrete, tarmac, gravel, and more. It’s very easy to push around corners without a struggle and this makes it a cinch to use.

What About Jogging and Running?

The Baby Trend Expedition has three large wheels that are made of a durable rubber. Combined with the lightweight and easy maneuverability, it’s also a good candidate for taking outside for when you want a quick run around the block. So, is it suitable for parents who have an athletic streak in them?

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a quick jog around, then the Baby Trend Expedition is going to be a useful investment for you. But if you’re a serious runner, then you might want to look at another model.

 Despite lightweight and easy handling, the Baby Trend Expedition doesn’t have inbuilt suspension. At anything more than a light run, it’s going to struggle and will be a rough ride for your baby.

Here’s What We Really Like

It’s obvious that the Baby Trend Expedition does have some issues, such as a lack of suspension and a smaller than super useful sunshade, but it’s not all negative. We really like this one, not least of all because it’s one of the most affordable jogger strollers on the market right now.

So, here’s what we love about the Baby Trend Expedition:

  • It’s super easy to move around, its lightweight, and it handles corners without a hitch
  • The baby seat is going to be very comfortable for any baby because it has a nice deep recline, which means that can easily fall off to sleep
  • The included storage underneath is very generous in size and will be of interest to parents who love their shopping

Conclusion – Is it for You?

If you’re on a budget and you really need a jogger-type baby stroller, this one is worth looking at. If you happen to be a serious runner or athlete, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Despite some sub-par included instructions and a few other issues, the ease of handling and low price make the Baby Trend Expedition one stroller that lots of people should seriously consider.

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