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Britax B Agile and B Safe Travel System Review

Britax B Agile and B Safe Travel System Review

If you have a baby on the way, you’re going to need a stroller and an infant car seat at the very least. You’ll want products that are safe and secure, but you also want them to be affordable.

Choosing the best baby travel system you can afford is one way to ensure your little one is kept safe and secure.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and lots of impending parents find themselves wondering how they can afford everything they need. This is where Britax has provided a solution.

​Britax B Agile and B Safe Travel System Review

The Britax B-Lively and B-Safe Ultra Travel System is a stroller and car seat combination. It’s aimed at families who are practically minded and are looking for an all-in-one solution. But does Britax deliver and should you buy this travel system?

A More Affordable Solution?

So, why wouldn’t you just go out and buy a separate stroller and car seat? That’s the question most people have and it makes perfect sense, given the number of options on the market. It’s not always as simple as that though.

What Britax does is give everyone an affordable solution. The problem is that buying a stroller and car seat separately can actually be more expensive than investing in the all-in-one solution. Of course, it doesn't matter how affordable it is unless it delivers.

Specifications That Really Matter

So, what are you getting for your money when you buy the Britax Ultra Travel System? Here’s a quick rundown of the features:

  • An easy one hand fold design
  • Side impact protection and a steel framed car seat
  • Easy installation of the car seat with the LATCH system or a seat belt
  • Suspension on all three wheels for a smooth ride
  • A front wheel that can be locked
  • Infinite recline function

What We Love about the Britax Ultra Travel System

We love the fact that Britax has thought about busy mums and dads and made this an easy to fold design. One of the worst things about strollers is that they can often be tough to fold down and put away. The last thing you want as a tired parent is to have to press buttons and lock levels just to get a stroller to fold away.

We also really like the fact that the front wheel can easily be locked. This means that the stroller has more stability and won’t roll away.

When you’re installing an infant car seat, you really don’t want to have to fight the system. It should be well-designed and easy to get in and out of the car. This is the very least that any exhausted new parent wants in a travel system. Luckily, Britax delivers on this front.

This model can easily and quickly be installed with the LATCH system or regular car seat belts. This provides every tired parent with two useful options.

You also want your baby to be comfortable, and the infinite recline option on the Britax means that they can lie flat. This gives you a lot more scope to keep your child comfortable when you’re out of the house.

How Safe Is It?

This is the big question that every parent needs the answer to. Is the Britax Ultra Travel System safe?

The good news here is that it has been completely safety tested in crash situations. What we especially like is the fact that the car seat has side impact protection and is steel framed. This offers more durability and extra protection during an accident.

Here are the specifications worth mentioning in this context:

  • Protection from side impacts using the SafeCell system
  • Extra padding on the harness
  • A car seat base that is tough and durable
  • The base can easily be secured using a SafeCenter latch system

Is It More Convenient?

Clearly, there’s plenty to get excited about here, but should you really invest your money in an all-in-one travel system like this?

Some people like them because they tend to be less expensive than buying each component separately. The truth is that Britax is not the cheapest model on the market, so you could actually go out and buy a separate stroller and car seat rather than invest in this one.

The good news is that it’s not all about saving money. In fact, lots of people love these travel systems because they do not have to lug around two pieces of heavy gear. When you’re not using the car seat, it can easily be locked into the stroller. This means that you’re effectively carrying around less and putting less in storage.

Some Issues We Found

The fact is that no system is perfect, but are the issues going to be deal-breakers? Here’s what we found wanting in this model:

  • Car seat: The one issue with the car seat is that it’s quite heavy. Now, this may not be a problem for some people, but it’s not the lightest car seat around. We understand that this is partly due to the steel frame, but some parents might be wondering why they’d want a system that has a heavy car seat to lug around.
  • No tray: It’s probably a hot button issue for some people, but we found that there’s no included parent or child tray on the stroller. Will that be a deal-breaker for anyone? If you need to have a tray on the stroller for toys or food, maybe this one will be a problem.
  • Seat fabric: Some users have reported that their child gets a bit sweaty in the car seat because the fabric isn’t breathable. That’s a valid concern of course because no one wants their child to overheat. That said, it’s possible to remove the extra comfort pads to enable better airflow.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, we found that the Britax Ultra Travel System lives up to the promises. There are certainly a few niggling issues, but they may not be much of a problem for many people. The product is safe where it counts, offers convenience in a single package, and looks good too.

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