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Chicco Keyfit 30 vs Britax B safe 35

Chicco Keyfit 30 vs Britax B safe 35

If price is a big consideration for you when you’re buying baby gear, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some really affordable and safe car seat options on the market right now. The fact is that every car seat has to pass some pretty rigorous safety testing, but some have more features than others, including safety features.

The Chicco Keyfit 30 and the Britax B Safe 35 are two car seats worth your consideration simply based on price alone. They are an excellent choice for anyone with a budget of no more than $300, but which one should you get?

Chicco Keyfit 30 vs Britax B safe 35

What We Like About the Britax B Safe 35

​The Britax B Safe 35 is used as part of Britax's travel system which you can read more about here Britax B Agile and B Safe Travel System Review.

There’s plenty to like about this Britax model, not least of all the excellent safety ratings that it has garnered from official sources. Here’s what really caught our critical eye:

1. Safety

First and foremost, if you’re looking for safety, you can’t go wrong with the Britax 35. It has passed all of the safety tests with flying colors. This means that it is even more highly rated than some of its higher priced competitors.

The other thing we love is that it incorporates something called Safe-Cell technology. This is a honeycomb structure inside the car seat that will crumple and absorb the impact during a collision. Safety tests confirm that this does have a positive effect during crashes and will slow down the rate of impact and decrease the severity of whiplash.

2. Aesthetics

If you’re drawn to visuals, the good news is that the Britax B Safe 35 comes in a really nice range of colors, including meadow, red, sapphire, and more. It may not be high on everyone’s priority list, but this just adds a little more icing on the cake when it comes to this specific car seat model. Some of the colors really did catch our eye!

3. Space Saving Base

You might not think about it much when you’re buying a car seat, but size does matter for many families. The good news here is that the Britax has a slimmer base than lots of competing models. This means that if you have multiple car seats in the car, it’s easy enough to fit two or even three in the back seat without too much of a hassle.

Britax B Safe 35: What We Didn’t Like So Much

Of course, no single car seat is perfect in every way, and the Britax is no different in this respect. This car seat is heavier than lots of competing models at 10 pounds. That might not sound like a lot, but when you’re a tired parent and you’re taking the car seat in and out of the car, it all adds up to extra fatigue.

We don’t mind this so much and here’s why: the extra safety features, such as a durable construction and the honeycomb inclusions in the base, add to the weight. We think that’s a very worthwhile trade off, but your mileage may vary.

The other thing to note is that some customers report that the tightening strap is a bit difficult to use. This is because of its location in the center of the seat base. That may or may not be a problem for you, depending on how well you get along with the tightening strap. It’s a minor thing from our point of view, but some people will definitely get sick and tired of fiddling with it on a daily basis, and that’s what really counts in the end.

It’s also interesting to note that this model was recalled by the manufacturer between 2014 and 2015 because of a potentially defective carrying handle. This may be of some concern if you’re buying one second hand or one that has been on the shelf for a while.

What We Like About the Chicco Keyfit 30

The Keyfit 30 is the car seat that Chicco use in ​it's baby travel systems which you can read about here Chicco Viaro Travel System Review and Chicco Broavo Trio Travel System Review and the comparison of both systems Chicco Bravo vs Viaro.

Being similarly priced, the Chicco is also well worth a look at this mid-range price point. Here’s what really caught our eye:

1. Easy to Install

The truth is that even the most expensive car seats can be a real pain to install in the car correctly. They may have tightening straps that are tough to use, or lack levelling systems. Luckily, this is no problem at all with the Chicco Keyfit 30.

What we really love most about this is how easy and convenient it is to install in a car every single time. It’s also really easy to install it correctly, unlike many more expensive car seats on the market. It has two bubble level indicators so that you can be sure it’s all in correctly and also features a snap in locking system and the familiar LATCH system.

A proper car seat installation is crucial for the safety of any child in a car seat. If it’s not straight or locked in correctly, it may move around during transit and could certainly come loose during a collision. The ease of installation is a big deal on car seats and this one gets a big tick of approval from us.

2. Lots of Colors

Just as with the Britax 35, the Chicco also comes in plenty of attractive colors, including rainfall and papyrus. Of course, safety and other features are going to be more important, but some parents do like to look good when out with baby, and if the Chicco offers this, then why not?

3. Safety Features

The fact that the Chicco car seat is made in China will likely put some people off buying it, but we think this is superficial. The fact is that lots of very good products come out of China, and all car seats need to pass safety testing before they can even be sold.

That being said, the Chicco isn’t offering anything out of the ordinary in terms of extra safety features. Where the Britax 35 offers internal collapsible honeycomb, the Chicco doesn’t even offer a steel frame. To put it into context, lots of car seats don’t offer any more than the basics in terms of safety features.

What we do like is that it does have good side impact protection. All of this sounds negative, but the simple matter is that the Chicco has been rated highly in terms of its safety. It may not have the extra stuff, but as a car seat there should be no safety concerns at all.

Chicco Keyfit: What We Didn’t Like So Much

Once again, no car seat system is perfect, so here’s what we think could be improved upon:

  • Though the Chicco can accommodate growing infants up to 30 pounds, you’ll have to take the time to retread the Keyfit safety harness every time they grow big enough for it to move to the next slot. It’s easier on lots of other car seat models, including the Britax 35 and the Britax 35 Elite.
  • The car seat base here is wider than on the Britax and that could be an issue if you need to install multiple car seats in a smaller car.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy?

There’s a lot to like about both of these car seats, and seeing as they’re in the same affordable price bracket they will appeal to lots of new parents. But which one is right for you?

If you want the absolute best in safety features, the Britax 35 is definitely the one to buy. That’s not to say that Chicco has skimped in this area, since it has also passed the safety tests, but out of the two, the Britax offers more.

Of course, those extra safety features come at the cost of making the car seat slightly heavier, at 10 pounds. The Chicco is 9.6 pounds, so the difference is pretty negligible, but may add up over the course of a long day of driving.

What you might want to think about if you’re close to a buying decision is the manufacturer recall on the Britax. Whilst the issues will have been sorted out on most of them, some might have slipped through.

The Chicco, on the other hand, has not had any manufacturer recalls so far. This may or may not weigh heavily on you, especially since Britax car seats and strollers tend to have a higher incidence of manufacturer recalls.

So, which one should you buy? The two car seats are certainly tempting at their price points and we think it’s hard to go wrong with either of them. Any manufacturer recalls aside, the Britax clearly offers some extra safety features at the expense of being slightly heavier. We also like the fact that you don’t have to take the time to retread the harness every time your child grows.

In the case of this review, we slightly favor the Britax 35, but it’s a really close call to be perfectly honest. We think most people would be happy with either one of these top safety rated car seats.

Chicco Bravo vs Viaro Travel System

Chicco Bravo vs Viaro Travel System

There are dozens of different baby and toddler accessory manufacturers out there in the world, many who provides quality products and services to anyone and everyone who is in need of such products and items for their families, one of those companies is known as Chicco.

Chicco is one of the leading manufacturers of baby and toddler products; they produce products such as toys, health items, bassinets, strollers, and other items and accessories that babies and infants generally need for the first few years of their lives.

Because of that, we are going to go over two of their more popular and well-known strollers currently out on the market as of writing this article of ours.

We will cover the ups, the downs, and everything else in-between for these two particular stroller models that Chicco has released, those two models being the Chicco Bravo Trioand the Chicco Viaro Travel System in that order.

Chicco Bravo ​vs Viaro

The main differences between the Bravo Trio and Viaro is that Chico Bravo has a car seat adapter, four wheels, all wheel suspension and is more expensive. Whereas the Chico Viaro does not have an adapter, has three wheels and only suspension on two wheels. 

The Chicco Bravo Trio Review.

Out of the two models that we will compare, the Chicco Bravo Trio is the more popular of the two versions, being the newer ones on the block and getting more attention from the public as a result.

Not to mention is one of the more popular choices when it comes to travel systems due to its unique ability to be a stroller and a car seat as one near complete and total package, which I am sure a lot of parents and travelers can appreciate when moving from place to place.

Additionally, the entire system comes fitted with a few additional features that will make any parent and or guardian sing with happiness as they move throughout the world with their precious baby by their side.

Are you planning on going for a long car ride but hate having to have both a car seat and a full-fledged stroller in the trunk? That is not a problem with this particular model as one of the features that come with the Chicco Bravo Trio is the ability to remove the seat from the stroller and fit within your car via the car seat adapter.

On top of that, the Chicco Bravo Trio also has an extra-long, and thick canopy can be folded and stored with one hand. Heck, the wheels themselves and will automatically swivel when you turn the device. It is just an overall excellent travel system to own for your child.

Then again, we are talking about Chicco here. They are no slouch when talking about the way they design their products, and this stroller is no different. It is easily one of the best selling strollers not only by Chicco but also out on the market as a whole, not to mention whenever you look at the reviews for the device, most of what people are saying is nothing but positivity towards it and the company as a whole.

As such, it is hard not to recommend it already, but we got another stroller to look over, so let us see about that.

Chicco Viaro Key Travel System.

Now, the Chicco Viaro Key Travel System is not only a slightly older and more dated stroller in the Chicco catalog of travel strollers, but it is also the least popular of the models that we are comparing today. However, as someone who has never been that popular in school, I can tell you that there are things to like about the older and less popular models in everything-especially when it comes to strollers for babies and infants.

First off, since the Viaro has fallen out of favor with the general public in comparison to the Chicco Bravo Trio System, the Viaro is far more affordable for parents/guardians who might be on a stricter budget, especially given the price range of the Chicco Bravo Trio.

However, next to pricing, the Viaro is the lightest stroller travel system that Chicco has released to the public as of this day. This is thanks in part to the Viaro’s aluminum frame and body, making it extremely lightweight and easy to pack and store when the time comes.

Additionally, the Viaro comes with the RideRight, ReclineSure, andSuperCinchfeatures exclusively with the car seat portion of the stroller. The RideRight feature helps to ensure that you see that the base of the car seat is positioned correctly, while ReclineSure and SuperCinch provide the parent that the seat is appropriately angled and that the passenger within the car seat is safely and securely strapped into the device.

The seat also has a harness system in it, ensuring that the child has even more protection when in the backseat of a car; which is always nice to have available when need be.

Now, as I mentioned above, the Viaro is the least popular version available when comparing it to the Chicco Bravo Trio, but that does not mean it is inadequate or worthless in comparison to the Chicco Bravo Trio, no, no, quite the opposite. Many people have raved and gone on and on about the stroller in a positive light.

Additionally, the stroller comes from Chicco, the company knows what they are doing, and they care about the safety of the kids that they produce their wares for no matter what it might be. I know this, and so do a lot of other parents.

So, Which One Should You Go For Then?

Now, this question is almost impossible to answer as every family is going to be different and unique in some shape or form. What works perfectly well for one family or group might be a disaster for another.

As such, I cannot say without a hefty amount of hesitation or trepidation on which one is better as not only are the two equally stupendous in their own right, but every family is going to be different in the sense that not everyone is looking for the same thing. All I can do is name the facts and compare the two, and then let the families decide for themselves what is best for their families as a whole.

​Chicco Bravo Trio and Viaro Comparison

Now, honestly, the two travel systems are near identical to one another, yes they have some differences here and there, but the technical details, the hard facts, are very few and far between.

For example, both of them are travel systems, both have the recommended weight limit of 4-30 pounds, both have the positioning systems function, both have a removable and adjustable canopy, and both have five-point harnesses built into them to ensure maximum protection and comfort. Additionally, both of them are still light to carry and push, and can be operated with just one-hand if the need arises.

I would say they are the same, down to the letter, but I would be lying at that point because they do have some differences that make them slightly different from each other, but only if by a small margin that some people would wave off as negligible as best.

​Differences Between Each Travel System

For example, the Chicco Bravo Trio have a car seat adapter; the Viaro does not. The Chicco Bravo Trio has wheel-suspension for all four wheels; the Viaro only has suspension for the front wheel. The Chicco Bravo Trio has four wheels; the Viaro only has three. The Chicco Bravo Trio is generally more expensive and pricey than the Viaro.

That is about it when comparing the two strollers side-by-side with one another. I dare say that they are nearly the exact same, down to the design and functionality, and save for the few minor differences that we covered; there is nothing overly special about the Chicco Bravo Trio.

To the point where if I had to choose between the two, I would probably go with the Viaro since the few minor differences afforded to me by the Chicco Bravo Trio is not enough to convince me to spend the additional money and time to procure it over the Viaro.

However, that is just my opinions. As I mentioned above, everyone is different; what works for one family might not work for the other.

There is no inherent disadvantage to getting either travel system as they are both by the same company, and they both have reliable reviews online stating their support of that particular version of the stroller. At the end of the day, whichever version a family might go with, it matters not except to them, and them alone. All I can hope is that this article provides some levity when it comes to deciding which one to go for.


I do hope this review and comparison article was both informative and engaging. Choosing a stroller sounds easy at first, but picking that perfect stroller that you know your baby will be happy in for the first year or two of their life can be somewhat stressful and confusing at times.

However, I hope this article has helped at least one mother or father out there who is trying to consider what stroller to go with. Thank you once more, everyone, and have a beautiful day.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Review

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Review

A Travel System, including stroller and car seat, can save you a ton of money. One of the big issues that many new parents have is the expense they have to endure just to buy the gear they need.

There area lot of strollers and car seats on the market, but investing in the best travel system can be a great buy if you find the right product. So, how does the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System stack up?

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Review

The sad truth is that buying baby gear is not inexpensive. When you buy a stroller and car seat separately, it can cost upwards of four figures, depending on the model you buy. This is why travel systems have really become popular lately with so many new parents.

The great news is that Evenflo has priced this Pivot system just right. At less than $300, the Pivot stroller and car seat combination will definitely tickle a lot of parents without costing the big bucks. Of course, there’s not much point in buying into a system such as this unless it has what you need, so let’s look at the car seat first.

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Car Seat

What we noticed immediately about this car seat is just how easy it is to install in the car. When you’re an exhausted parent, you absolutely do not want a car seat system that’s stubborn and takes time to set up.

Even better is that Evenflo has decided to use the widely popular LATCH system for easy car installation. Anyone familiar with this system will know that it’s easy and fast to use. There’s also a Safe Zone base that it will snap into in the car and when you want to uninstall it, it just snaps right out again. It couldn’t be any simpler.

It’s also a cinch to take it out of the car and snap it right into the stroller, too. This makes it super fast to use and will appeal to any parent who doesn’t get a whole lot of sleep!

Car Seat Safety Features

As easy as installation is, it’s also important that any car seat has adequate safety features. This car seat has a good track record of safety testing, so we know upfront that it’s going to be a good choice for all safety conscious parents.

Additionally, Evenflo has included a really awesome anti-rebound bar. What this means is that in the event of a collision, the Safe Zone base absorbs most of the energy of the impact and the anti-rebound bar helps to stop forward movement. We think this feature alone is worth the asking price.

Evenflo has also included extra padding for baby around the head and back, making it extra comfortable. When baby gets older and bigger, these extra cushions can actually be removed to make more space.

What We Love About This Car Seat

  • Excellent Safe Zone base and LATCH system makes installation easy
  • Snaps easily into the stroller for quick installation
  • Anti-rebound bar for added safety
  • Extra padding

The Stroller

The car seat has some excellent features, but what about the stroller? One of the benefits of using a modular travel system such asthis is being able to save space and have everything in one tidy system. So, is the stroller a good match for the car seat?

Protection From the Sun

Baby skin is delicate and can be easily damaged by the harsh sun. One of the first things we noticed about the Evenflo stroller is how big the included canopy is. It’s a three panel design that covers baby entirely. This means that they can sit up or lie down in the stroller without getting burned. It also has the ever-popular and practical mesh window so that they can either look out or you can look in and check as a parent.

How Does it Handle?

You can have the most expensive stroller on the market with all the bells and whistles, but if it doesn’t move and handle well, there’s not much point in using it.

The good news is that the Evenflo stroller in this modular system handles really smooth. Its lightweight construction makes it easy enough to push around, and the wheels turn easily. Some stroller wheels are so small that they can wear out, but Evenflo has included nice sizable wheels on this model.

The only real downside we found is that the stroller itself, while light and easy to move, is a bit large. This means that it might be a bit cumbersome in heavy crowds and in tight areas. We can live with it, but it’s worth noting.

What We Love About the Stroller

The truth is that this stroller doesn’t have a whole lot of extra features. We don’t mind that because Evenflo has included extras in the car seat design. The stroller just works well and here’s what we love about it:

  • Extra-large, three-panel canopy to protect baby from the sun and bugs
  • Easy handling and durable wheels
  • A very generously sized storage basket for when you want to stow away some shopping or other gear

What Didn’t We Like?

Nothing is ever perfect in life, and despite the fact that we really enjoy the Evenflo Pivot Travel System, here are some shortcomings that may affect your buying decision:

  • The stroller is quite big and bulky when it’s all put together
  • The size of the stroller, even when folded up, means that getting it the trunk of some small cars might be an issue
  • Everything is a two-handed operation, including folding and unfolding

ConclusionShould You Buy it?

Despite some of the shortcomings, we think that the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is an excellent choice for most parents. Being under $300 really helps to push this one over the top of some of the pricier models in terms of price to feature ratio.

The car seat has some excellent safety features, such as an anti-rebound bar, and though the stroller is not feature rich, it will definitely do the job.

Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

When you’re expecting your first baby, it’s an exciting time, but it can also be quite expensive.

Buying a stroller, a car seat, and so on can all become pricey, and not everyone has the budget to buy the expensive models. If this sounds familiar, the Chicco Viaro Travel System might just interest you.

​The simple fact is that buying a good baby travel system can save you money. 

Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

The Chicco Viaro is a combination of a stroller and an infant car seat. Just imagine being able to install the car seat in the car, get to your destination, and then pop the car seat right in the stroller. It’s a potentially seamless experience that saves time and hassle.

So, how does the Chicco Viaro Travel System fare against competing models? Let’s find out.

How Safe Is the Car Seat?

When you invest in an infant car seat, you need it to be safe and secure. Here’s what we really like about the Chicco Viaro car seat component.

1. KeyFit 30 System

This model uses the tried and tested KeyFit 30 system. The good news is that this is known to have a fantastic safety record in crash testing. In fact, it’s often rated as testing better than more highly priced brands, so it’s a good thing that Chicco Viaro has stuck with the KeyFit 30 for this unit, too.

2. Extra Padding

Some less expensive car seats really don’t have enough padding, especially around the headrest. The good news is that the Chicco Viaro has plenty of high density EPS foam in this area. It means that the car seat is safer and will absorb a lot of kinetic energy should there be an impact.

3. Tightening System

One of the bugbears for many inexpensive infant car seats is the installation system. Luckily, this is not an issue for this model. In fact, the Chicco Viaro Travel System includes a tightening mechanism for the LATCH installation that makes it easy to ensure everything is secure. We think most parents would be happy with this solution.

What We Love About the Car Seat

Though the infant car seat is only part of the bundle from Chicco Viaro,there's definitely a lot to like. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Easy installation and a tightening system that will help new parents
  • Use of the tried and tested KeyFit 30 system
  • Extra EPS foam padding on the headrest

Things That Could Be Better

Of course, no car seat is absolutely perfect, and this is the case with the Chicco Viaro system, too. We still think the price to feature ratio is competitive enough for most people, but here are some issues to be aware of:

  • Fabric breath-ability: One of the problems is that the fabric on the seat is not as breathable as it could be. This may keep the price down, but you need to be watching that your baby doesn’t get too hot and sticky in the hotter months of the year. Babies can overheat quickly, and this is something to be aware of.

How Does the Stroller Fare?

Strollers can be a really expensive investment. There are plenty of makes and models on the market, but should you invest in a less expensive model such as the Chicco Viaro Travel System, rather than get a stroller separately?

Stroller Safety Features

When you spend money on a stroller, you need it to be safe and secure. This applies to strollers of all makes and prices. This really is a non-negotiable factor. So, how safe is the Chicco Viaro stroller?

Braking System

One of the features we really liked about this stroller is the toe-tap braking system. Some strollers have brakes that are stiff, but Chiocco Viaro has seen fit to include a braking system here that’s super easy to use and can be activated with a simple tap of the toes. When you’re on the run as a parent, you need to have an easy braking system that you can rely on, and we think this one is a good fit.

How Does it Handle?

The Chicco Viaro Travel System is a lightweight stroller, which is ideal for new parents who may be exhausted every day. In fact, the stroller itself weighs only 18 pounds, so it’s definitely one of the lighter options on the market.

This light weight also makes it easy to handle. The only complaint we have is that the wheels are not as big and durable as they could be. We found that it handles nice and smoothly on smooth surfaces, such as sidewalks and in shopping malls, but you can forget about anything rougher than that.

Despite the fact that Chicco Viaro has included a front wheel suspension system, we found it to be largely ineffective at reducing bumps and a rough ride.

Here’s What We Really Like

We think the stroller is a pretty good buy, especially for the money, but there are definitely a few issues to be aware of, such as the handling. That said, here’s what we really liked about the Chicco Viaro stroller:

  • The stroller looks very stylish
  • The easy to use toe-tap braking system makes it an excellent choice for those with safety as a high priority
  • The handlebar is height adjustable, which makes it easy for Mom, Dad, or anyone else in the family to take over stroller pushing duties without any ergonomic hassles
  • The front wheel swivels smoothly, which means that the stroller moves around very easily
  • The included storage area is absolutely huge, making it an excellent choice for parents who often go shopping and need to stow things away
  • There are included parent and child trays
  • It is possible to push the stroller with one hand, which is ideal for busy parents on the go


We think the Chicco Viaro Travel System is a good buy for the money with enough features to keep most new parents happy. The car seat is excellent and has high safety ratings, and the stroller is easy to push around and has excellent brakes. There are a few issues to be aware of, but overall, this represents a solid buy.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

If you’re an active mom with a new baby, you might think that your jogging days are behind you. If you like to keep fit, how are you going to do that with a baby?

The problem for many new parents in this scenario is that even if they have time when the baby is sleeping, they’re often too tired. However, what if you could go on a run and get some fresh air when you take your baby out?

​Baby Trend build some of the best travel systems around and the inclusion of a jogging stroller is a great addition to their range.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

If you like to keep fit, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System might just be for you.

Most strollers are built for walking at a steady speed around shopping centers, but the Baby Trend Expedition does things a little bit differently.

So, how does it stack up next to the competition in this range?

The Price Is Right

The first thing we noticed is the very affordable price. When you’re new parent, buying the right gear can be pretty expensive. The good news is that the Baby Trend Expedition is actually very affordable. In fact, it’s one of the least expensive jogger-type strollers on the market right now.

How Easy Is it to Use?

Sadly, lots of strollers are not all that easy to set up. Many of them come with multiple levers and knobs just to fold and unfold the whole thing. A good stroller should be easy to fold and unfold just because tired parents are not always going to have a lot of patience or time!

The good news here is that the Baby Trend Expedition fares quite well in this area. By sliding up two side levers and using two hands, you can easily fold up the stroller.

This is easy enough, but we understand that there are strollers on the market that can be folded using only one hand. When you’re a busy parent, the one handed fold up might have some appeal.

The Baby Trend Expedition is certainly easy enough to manage, and even has a removable front wheel that makes it easier to store, but some people may prefer a one-handed folding option.

What About Safety Features?

Of course, every parent wants to know that the baby equipment they invest in is going to protect its precious cargo. So, how safe is the Baby Trend Expedition?

1. The Braking System

The brakes work just fine, but the trouble is that they require two pedals to be pressed. That’s not exactly ideal in our estimation, especially since this is designed to be a jogger stroller. We also found that the brake activation pedals are a bit stiff, and this may make them harder to push in when in a rush.

2. Protection for Baby

Baby skin is delicate and it doesn’t take long for it to be burned by exposure to the sun. Luckily, the Baby Trend Expedition also includes a sunshade. It’s not a bad size, but it’s also not overly large.

There’s a little mesh window so that baby can see out and parents can look in. The problem is that because the sunshade isn’t especially big, the knees of your baby will be exposed. That’s okay if they’re wearing long pants, but it could be an issue in the summer.

3. The Baby Harness

The good news is that the five-point harness is easy to use on the Baby Trend Expedition. It’s not as complex to use as some harnesses, which we think is a big plus for this model. Unfortunately, it does lack extra padding, so this may not be ideal for some parents.

How Does it Handle?

When you buy a jogger-type stroller, the expectation is that it will be a smooth and easy ride. The good news is the Baby Trend Expedition rates quite highly in this regard. In fact, we think it’s better in terms of maneuverability than some of the more expensive brands on the market.

Due to a small wheel-base and lightweight construction, the Baby Trend Expedition is a dream to push around on virtually any surface. This includes concrete, tarmac, gravel, and more. It’s very easy to push around corners without a struggle and this makes it a cinch to use.

What About Jogging and Running?

The Baby Trend Expedition has three large wheels that are made of a durable rubber. Combined with the lightweight and easy maneuverability, it’s also a good candidate for taking outside for when you want a quick run around the block. So, is it suitable for parents who have an athletic streak in them?

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a quick jog around, then the Baby Trend Expedition is going to be a useful investment for you. But if you’re a serious runner, then you might want to look at another model.

 Despite lightweight and easy handling, the Baby Trend Expedition doesn’t have inbuilt suspension. At anything more than a light run, it’s going to struggle and will be a rough ride for your baby.

Here’s What We Really Like

It’s obvious that the Baby Trend Expedition does have some issues, such as a lack of suspension and a smaller than super useful sunshade, but it’s not all negative. We really like this one, not least of all because it’s one of the most affordable jogger strollers on the market right now.

So, here’s what we love about the Baby Trend Expedition:

  • It’s super easy to move around, its lightweight, and it handles corners without a hitch
  • The baby seat is going to be very comfortable for any baby because it has a nice deep recline, which means that can easily fall off to sleep
  • The included storage underneath is very generous in size and will be of interest to parents who love their shopping

Conclusion – Is it for You?

If you’re on a budget and you really need a jogger-type baby stroller, this one is worth looking at. If you happen to be a serious runner or athlete, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Despite some sub-par included instructions and a few other issues, the ease of handling and low price make the Baby Trend Expedition one stroller that lots of people should seriously consider.

UPPAbaby Vista and Mesa Bundle Review

UPPAbaby Vista and Mesa Bundle Review

Starting a family is an exciting time and it’s important to go out and buy the right gear. A stroller and car seat baby travel system are absolutely essential items, but it’s also important to ensure that they are safe, secure, and can handle your needs. Can the UPPAbaby infant stroller and car seat combination meet your needs as a new parent? 

UPPAbaby Vista and Mesa Bundle Review

What you’ll notice immediately is that the stroller comes with a toddler seat that can be used as an infant seat, and it also comes with a bassinet. What this means is that the stroller will grow with your family in the future. If you’re planning on having more children, the UPPAbaby is well worth a look for this reason alone.

Protecting Your Baby

The delicate skin of babies and toddlers is vulnerable to bugs, pollutants, and the harsh rays of the sun. Fortunately, this stroller includes a bug shield and a rain shield so that you can be sure that your precious cargo is always going to be protected.

We also love the included bassinet because it’s just so roomy and spacious. It’s super comfortable and has also been approved for your baby to sleep in overnight. What this means is that as a parent you won’t need to worry about taking extra gear with you on trips. The bassinet makes for a great sleeping place for baby and the bug and rain shields mean that they will be safe from harm.

Some bassinets and infant seats can be so full of extra padding that the air flow is affected. This can make babies and toddlers sweaty even on a winter day. The good news is that UPPAbaby uses breathable materials in both the bassinet and the car seat, so there are no problems in this regard.

How Well Does It Handle?

When you invest in a stroller, it needs to be easy and convenient to use. The good news here is that this stroller is a breeze to move around. It’s a nice, smooth ride for both you and your baby, and it glides around on surfaces easily. As a tired parent, the last thing you want is a heavy stroller that’s tough to move around in crowds and tight spaces.

The other aspect we love is that it’s easy enough to move the stroller around with only one hand. Some strollers are not easy in this regard, but UPPAbaby understands that the exhausted parent really needs all the help they can get some days!

This Is What We Really Like

The stroller is a good investment in our opinion, but here’s what else we really like about it:

  • It comes equipped with a massive storage basket so that parents can easily store shopping bags and anything else they need as they move around
  • The design and materials are excellent – being both breathable and durable
  • While we love it for one child, it can actually carry three young ones at the same time, making it a great investment for a family who is intending to have more than one child

A Review of the MESA Car Seat

If you’re planning on putting your new baby in the car, you need to have a durable car seat. There are plenty on the market, but some are not quite as durable as they could be. While they all need to pass testing standards to be sold on the shelves, some are clearly better than others. So, how does the MESA car seat stack up against the competition?


One of the most crucial things that you can do as a parent is to ensure that the infant car seat is installed in your car correctly. The big problem is that many parents don’t secure their car seats properly. Maybe this is due to exhaustion or maybe it’s due to an overly complex installation system. Whatever the reason, UPPAbaby hopes to have solved this issue with the MESA car seat model.

So, how easy is it to install the MESA car seat? Fortunately, we had no problems installing it in a range of cars. UPPAbaby has seen fit to include something called the Smart Secure system that includes the easy to use LATCH connections. It’s very obvious how it fits in and can be secured in a moment. We love this aspect of it and think this is a really good move on the part of UPPAbaby.

To make it even easier, UPPAbaby has even included a neat little installation indicator on the car seat base. If it’s red, the car seat hasn’t been installed correctly, if it’s green, you’re good to go! The company has really given this part of it some careful thought and has made it as safe as possible.

How Safe Is it?

When you’re investing in a car seat, you need it to be safe and secure. So, does the MESA car seat meet these high standards? Here are the main safety features you need to concern yourself with:

  • Side located impact protection
  • A headrest that has been designed to absorb kinetic forces in case of an impact
  • The use of high quality Merino sheep wool in the construction of the car seat, which is fire resistant
  • An easy to use Smart Secure system with LATCH connection technology and an installation indicator

Conclusion – Should You Invest?

Along with the Vista baby stroller, the MESA car seat is an excellent buy. Both products combined will provide years of easy, secure, and safe transport for babies and toddlers.

The fact that the stroller component will accommodate up to three children makes it an outstanding option for families with more than one little one, or those that are expecting more children. The MESA car seat, with excellent safety features and durable materials and construction, is a fine complement to the Vista stroller, and we think that both are a great investment.

Britax B Agile and B Safe Travel System Review

Britax B Agile and B Safe Travel System Review

If you have a baby on the way, you’re going to need a stroller and an infant car seat at the very least. You’ll want products that are safe and secure, but you also want them to be affordable.

Choosing the best baby travel system you can afford is one way to ensure your little one is kept safe and secure.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and lots of impending parents find themselves wondering how they can afford everything they need. This is where Britax has provided a solution.

​Britax B Agile and B Safe Travel System Review

The Britax B-Lively and B-Safe Ultra Travel System is a stroller and car seat combination. It’s aimed at families who are practically minded and are looking for an all-in-one solution. But does Britax deliver and should you buy this travel system?

A More Affordable Solution?

So, why wouldn’t you just go out and buy a separate stroller and car seat? That’s the question most people have and it makes perfect sense, given the number of options on the market. It’s not always as simple as that though.

What Britax does is give everyone an affordable solution. The problem is that buying a stroller and car seat separately can actually be more expensive than investing in the all-in-one solution. Of course, it doesn't matter how affordable it is unless it delivers.

Specifications That Really Matter

So, what are you getting for your money when you buy the Britax Ultra Travel System? Here’s a quick rundown of the features:

  • An easy one hand fold design
  • Side impact protection and a steel framed car seat
  • Easy installation of the car seat with the LATCH system or a seat belt
  • Suspension on all three wheels for a smooth ride
  • A front wheel that can be locked
  • Infinite recline function

What We Love about the Britax Ultra Travel System

We love the fact that Britax has thought about busy mums and dads and made this an easy to fold design. One of the worst things about strollers is that they can often be tough to fold down and put away. The last thing you want as a tired parent is to have to press buttons and lock levels just to get a stroller to fold away.

We also really like the fact that the front wheel can easily be locked. This means that the stroller has more stability and won’t roll away.

When you’re installing an infant car seat, you really don’t want to have to fight the system. It should be well-designed and easy to get in and out of the car. This is the very least that any exhausted new parent wants in a travel system. Luckily, Britax delivers on this front.

This model can easily and quickly be installed with the LATCH system or regular car seat belts. This provides every tired parent with two useful options.

You also want your baby to be comfortable, and the infinite recline option on the Britax means that they can lie flat. This gives you a lot more scope to keep your child comfortable when you’re out of the house.

How Safe Is It?

This is the big question that every parent needs the answer to. Is the Britax Ultra Travel System safe?

The good news here is that it has been completely safety tested in crash situations. What we especially like is the fact that the car seat has side impact protection and is steel framed. This offers more durability and extra protection during an accident.

Here are the specifications worth mentioning in this context:

  • Protection from side impacts using the SafeCell system
  • Extra padding on the harness
  • A car seat base that is tough and durable
  • The base can easily be secured using a SafeCenter latch system

Is It More Convenient?

Clearly, there’s plenty to get excited about here, but should you really invest your money in an all-in-one travel system like this?

Some people like them because they tend to be less expensive than buying each component separately. The truth is that Britax is not the cheapest model on the market, so you could actually go out and buy a separate stroller and car seat rather than invest in this one.

The good news is that it’s not all about saving money. In fact, lots of people love these travel systems because they do not have to lug around two pieces of heavy gear. When you’re not using the car seat, it can easily be locked into the stroller. This means that you’re effectively carrying around less and putting less in storage.

Some Issues We Found

The fact is that no system is perfect, but are the issues going to be deal-breakers? Here’s what we found wanting in this model:

  • Car seat: The one issue with the car seat is that it’s quite heavy. Now, this may not be a problem for some people, but it’s not the lightest car seat around. We understand that this is partly due to the steel frame, but some parents might be wondering why they’d want a system that has a heavy car seat to lug around.
  • No tray: It’s probably a hot button issue for some people, but we found that there’s no included parent or child tray on the stroller. Will that be a deal-breaker for anyone? If you need to have a tray on the stroller for toys or food, maybe this one will be a problem.
  • Seat fabric: Some users have reported that their child gets a bit sweaty in the car seat because the fabric isn’t breathable. That’s a valid concern of course because no one wants their child to overheat. That said, it’s possible to remove the extra comfort pads to enable better airflow.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, we found that the Britax Ultra Travel System lives up to the promises. There are certainly a few niggling issues, but they may not be much of a problem for many people. The product is safe where it counts, offers convenience in a single package, and looks good too.

5 Different Types of Strollers – Which Do You Need?

types of strollers

When it comes to traveling, whether it is to the nearest Walmart or Krogers, or to a dearest family member across the street, to even across the world and then back home when the time comes, traveling has always been something of a fun and exciting endeavor to partake in.

Also, when the worst of opportunities happen to be engaging the people we care for in this life of ours.

However, there are times in people’s life where it is not just us making those kinds of trips and journeys in life, but instead, they have people with them, some capable of walking and moving by themselves, while others are only just starting to learn that skill.

As such, those little individuals need some assistance to get around, especially if they are just a tiny baby or child. 

Because of that, we are going to go over a few different types of strollers that parents of any discerning nature might be interested in.

Especially if they are the kind that is always on the move in some capacity and they would like to have their little ones by their side as they move about the world and its near eight-billion inhabitants as we are moving into the year 2020. 

​The Different Types of Strollers

1. Standard Stroller

Strong, sturdy, stable, reliable, these are the words to describe the standard stroller that most parents will place their children in when they are first strolling on out into this wide-open world of ours.

Most standard strollers weight around twenty-to-forty-pounds, depending on a variety of things and accessories. Additionally, the seats on these variants are often extremely comfy and form-fitting for the baby, often being able to snuggle right on into the chair with very little difficulties or challenges. 

The standard variant is the kind of stroller that most parents will often gravitate too when looking for that handy and dependable piece of machinery to help cart your baby around the world, no matter where it is you are planning on going, or what you are planning on seeing.

This is the kind of stroller that most people will gravitate too when needed. 

​You can also purchase a stroller and car seat combination. This type of combo is commonly referred to as a baby travel system. The best baby travel systems work together seamlessly so moving from the car to a stroller and vice versa is effortless. 

2. Double Stroller

The second kind of stroller is a double stroller, double strollers are mostly the same as the standard variants of strollers, save for the fact that they have two seats, instead of just one.

Now, obviously, this is a special kind of stroller that will only appeal to a small percentage of parents, but they are none-the-less still very much helpful when the need arrives for them. 

Mostly, double strollers work with a parent/parents that have twins, or two babies and toddlers in the near or exact age group.

They are the perfect blend between convenience and luxury for such families that have those kinds of kids, and that is what makes them an excellent option that is available on the market as of writing this short little article of ours today.

3. Compact Stroller

The third kind of stroller is the compact stroller, a stroller that is absolutely perfect for the type of families that find themselves traveling​ with a baby

These are the strollers that are compact, easy to store, and fits neatly in the trunk of most midsize to large vehicles trunks, perfect for the families who are often driving or are flying with an infant.

Heck, I would argue this would be perfect for families who are moving every day, whether it is to work, to friends and family, or just general exploration and excitement. 

If anyone were to ask me for a recommendation when it comes to a stroller, and I saw that they are the kind of family/parent that is often driving or on the road most of the time, I would point to these kinds of strollers as they are perfect for those kinds of parents and families.

4. Jogging Stroller

The fourth kind of stroller is the jogging stroller. Now, these kinds of strollers, as you can probably ascertain, are strollers perfect for the parent (or parents) that like to run, joke or generally get out there and move their legs.

Now, there are two different kinds of strollers out there on the market as of writing this, the ones that swivel and moves around with you, or the ones that stay firmly stationed with no method of turning of swirling. 

Now, personal preferences aside, the choice between the two is near superfluous and really depends on the preference of the parent as each one offers its own pros and cons, but they both are excellent pieces to go with no matter what.

​5. Umbrella Stroller

The fifth kind of stroller is the umbrella stroller. This one often is combined with other models as the need to protect babies from untold amounts of sun damage is usually high, but there are some models out there on the market that you can snap an umbrella onto the stroller in order to offer your children (and you, to some degree) some shade and protection from the sun.

There Are So Many Strollers To Pick From.

Moreover, I did not cover all of them; there are more stroller types out there on the market to research and investigate. All that matters is finding the perfect one for you, your family, and your child/children.

But How To Choose Between Them All?

Well, the best way to choose is to select the stroller that is right for your particular needs and the needs of the child. People who like to jog and exercise might be gravitated to one of the two models of the jogging unit, while those who drive a lot might want to go with the compact model. It is all about choice and necessity. As such, it is best to see what you need, most importantly.


When it comes to strollers, no one besides the parent can decide what is right for themselves and their child.

That is why there are so many different models and versions out there, to cast a wide enough net that anyone in any circumstances can cover and protect their child, while still making things easy on the parent/parents.

That is why it is essential to see what is out there, never know what might work and what might not. 

We hope this article was informative and insightful, thank you, and have a beautiful day.

Traveling With a Newborn – Tips and Tricks

Traveling a Newborn

So, Taking A Trip, Huh? Awesome!

Traveling is something that I live for, to see new and exciting lands and countries, to visit the many sights of the world and hear the many-more sounds that accompany those various sights.

Nothing makes my heart swell than to see a new and exciting place or town that I have yet to engage with on an emotional level fully, even though I know there will be places I will probably never get to see due to limitations and time. Well, time and money, but that is beside the point. 

Traveling can and always will be an exciting endeavor to undertake, regardless of the destination that comes to mind.

Getting to experience that freedom can and will always be a liberating experience no matter what I see in life or whom I might encounter, nothing beats seeing something new and exciting. 

However, I understand that traveling is not always a solo-endeavor; in fact, it is quite the opposite, I am sure there are many families out there that travel with their loved ones every day and every year, including with newborn babies and infants alike.

​There is lots to plan and you'll need a host of travel accessories like a travel system, travel bag, food, diapers and clothes.

Traveling With a Newborn Infant 

This can be an exciting endeavor all by itself, getting to experience the world in fresh and bold new ways while also getting to bring along that precious bundle that you call your child along with you. I know that can be just as wonderful and beautiful as taking the actual trip itself.

However, I understand that traveling with a newborn baby or infant can still be a daunting task to undertake, especially if flying with a baby for the first time or the drive is a long and arduous one by itself. 

That is why we thought best to write a short article on taking a road trip with an infant or newborn baby. To go over some steps and ideas before hopping onto that highway.

Tips On Taking A Road Trip With A Newborn Infant

1. Don't Go It Alone

The first bit of advice I can give when it comes to taking a road trip with a baby or very young child is to see about going with a friend or family member.

While having it just be you and your baby might seem like a cute and fun idea, in reality, it can be extremely stressful, especially since then you have no one to engage or keep an eye on the kids outside of you. 

At the same time, by having a second person be in the back or with the kid, they can take over driving duties when you need to sleep or rest. Plus, it is just fun having a second person with you who can engage in conversation and take care of other things with the child.

​​2. Plan Your Route

Plan ahead on the route that you want to take and how. Do not get me wrong; I love seeing the sights when on the road with my family, sometimes stopping to see something they / I have not seen yet can be enjoyable.

However, I argue it is not a good idea to do such a thing (especially when it was not in the plan) can be an untold disaster when you have a baby in the backseat. 

Choosing the conventional route is always better when you have a baby with you; that way, you have more chances of stopping at gas stations, motels, rest-stops, and other conventional areas. So, please, try to stick with more straight paths if you have an infant with you.

3. Safety First

​This follows on from number 2 above​​​​​​ , and ​that is safety precautions. Even if you decide against taking impromptu scenic routes or detours, you should always be prepared for anything while out there, heck, this can be applied even without an infant in the back seat, but especially with an infant in the back seat. 

Please make sure to pack a First Aid Kit, also have a repair kit of some kind in the trunk, make sure the car manual is in the glove box, also perhaps have a spare tire with you if you can accommodate one.

Please always remember to be safe out there, regardless of who or how many are with you, my friends. The world is a very beautiful place, but it can still be dangerous at the same time. 

4. Plan Plenty of Stops

The fourth bit of advice I can give you is to plan for frequent breaks and stops. As tough as humans can be, babies do not have the endurance of young adults yet. It would be best if you planned for stops along the way, but there is never a way to plan on anything completely with infants fully.

5. Pack Efficiently

​Understand that most of the car is going to be strictly baby-related items, or at least depending on how long and how far it is you are planning on driving. 

However, from what I have seen, even a few days of adventuring and driving can turn into most of the car being relegated to carrying baby items like a stroller, toys, diapers, bag for the child and so forth. (So, please be prepared to find other places for your suitcases.) 

6. Ask for Help

The sixth and final bit of advice I can give to parents is, be willing to accept aid when you need it. Traveling is supposed to be about making memories, leaving an impression that you and your family will remember for years to come.

However, we are all only human at the end of the day, and sometimes we need help. So, please, if you feel like it is all too much, ask for help, there is no shame to ask for assistance. 

5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

Flying with a baby

​Traveling can be an exciting endeavor that many individuals will swear by due to the nature of the experience.

​Flying with a baby can be stressful especially if it is your first time.

Getting to go wherever you want and see the many, many, many different sights and sounds of the hundreds of diverse and exciting cultures is truly an honor to behold, even if you only have time to see one part of that culture before having to hop back onto that plane again. 

Now, this is all well and good, especially if you are traveling either by yourself or with a friend and or family member who is able to take care of themselves when the time comes to it; however, things are rarely that simple, if at all ever.

​There is lots of stuff to pack like clothes, diapers, food, baby bottles, good baby travel system

There are times and situations where we have to think not just of ourselves and our own amusements, but of others while we are on the move and seeing the many sights of the world, and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Flying With a Baby

Every year, hundreds of thousands of parents travel around the world with their babies in their arms. Whether it is because they cannot find a babysitter or a family member to watch them, or they want their baby to experience the journey along with them, it matters not save to the parents in question.

As such, flying on a plane can be one of the hardest parts of the entire trip, even more so than the actual destination, so let us take the time to see how parents can fly safely with their little ones in tow, while also getting the most out of their own trip, especially while on vacation.

1. Book an Extra Seat

I have is to try to swing buying two seats (if you can.) Often enough flights can take multiple hours, especially if it is a trans-Atlantic flight. So one of the best suggestions I have for families who are traveling with a newborn (especially for the first time) is to buy two seats if you can.

That way, if you can buy that second seat for yourself, you can often-enough bring your baby’s car seat with you. Now you not only have your precious bundle of joy sitting inside something familiar at all times, but you also do not have to hold and carry your child for potentially multiple hours while possibly sitting next to a stranger.

2. Keep Them Occupied

I have is to bring plenty of engaging activities for them. Now, yes, carrying toys on you (especially if it is just you and your baby) can be extremely tiring on top of everything else you have to bring with you, but it is vital to keep them physically and emotionally engaged on those long flight times.

Nothing screams we are going to have an uncomfortable time then a baby crying and fussing because they do not have any of their favorite toys while in a completely new and unfamiliar place while being surrounded on all sides by strangers.

So, for their happiness, yours, and the rest of the passengers on-board, please consider bringing a few toys or activities for them to engage with while on the flight. Plus, additionally, it can also help pass the time for you as well since you are playfully engaging with yourself with your little one.

3. Be Ready to Ask for Help

I have is to ask for assistance. Look, I get it, not everyone likes asking for help, especially when it comes to your personal affairs and family, I understand entirely, but at the same time, so does everyone else. Flying can be a stressful and tiring ordeal, especially for first-time families, and many of the flight attendants know this fact as well.

As such, please do not hesitate to ask one of the flight attendants for assistance. They will gladly take your baby’s bottle and heat it, or watch your child while you use the restroom in the back (as there is often barely enough room in those things for adults, let alone small infants.) Flight attendants are there to help the passengers throughout the travel, so helping you take care of your child, even if it is only for a few minutes, is just another aspect of the job.

4. Pack plenty of Snacks

I have to make is bring plenty of snacks or meals with you. Flying for multiple hours can be exhausting on adults, but often enough adults can be fine without a meal or two, but the same cannot be said for tiny children and babies. Babies need something to snack or feed on, especially when taking off and landing and the way it can mess with their hearing for a few minutes.

So, having something that they can snack or nibble on during those periods can be a pleasant distraction for them.

5. Slow Down, Don't Rush

I have is to take it slow, especially if you are flying for the first time. Flying is supposed to be a relaxing and calming experience for everyone on the plane, that should also include you and your child.

The best advice I want to give is to take it slow, bring what you know you will need and do what you need to do. Passengers and flight attendants are often more understanding then media, and some people like to make them out to be. So, please, enjoy yourselves and take your time. 

Is There Anything Else To Know?

There are plenty of other suggestions and tips people can and will give you when flying with your child for the first time. Parents and families fly with babies and toddlers every year, so there is a wealth of knowledge already available on the internet.

So please, if you are flying or do intend to fly, see what others are saying and find out what they think about flying with children. 


I hope this short article of ours was informing and, if nothing else, interesting on the topic of flying with your child.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people fly with their families every year, as such there are plenty of online blogs and videos out there that can and will help you if you need it, just like this one. 

Regardless, I hope you liked the article and found it informing. Thank you again, and have a beautiful day.