Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Review

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Review

​Every year there are hundreds of thousands of families traveling across the world in various modes of transportation, from cars to planes and everything in between, people are traveling more than ever now, and often enough they have kids with them.

Moreover, with all this traveling, there have to be ways to keep the small children safe when on the road with their families, right?

To ensure that they are safe and snug while the parents focus on the actual journey and preparations, right?  

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Review

​Well, yes, there are companies all over there world whose entire persona is baby and toddler-related items and accessories. One of these companies is a simple Italian corporation known as Chicco, and we are going to review their newest creation, the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System.

This car seat stroller combo is the best baby travel system and is an absolute must-have for any families looking to travel with their precious bundle of life this upcoming year. 

The Stroller

​Now, I know what some of you might be thinking right about now: it is just a simple stroller, big deal. Perhaps it is just a simple stroller, but dismissing it as such would do this industry-leading company a massive disservice.

For one, the Chicco Bravo Trio is not just another cumbersome stroller you are going to have to jam into the trunk, oh no, the Chicco Bravo Trio is both a stroller AND a car-seat built into one frame.

Yes, that is right; the hassle of needing two separate devices is gone with this system.

When you have the device in a fold, the dimensions of the carrier are roughly 16-28 inches in diameter, with a bit of wriggle room to add or subtract in terms of sizing. Regardless, your child WILL be comfortable while resting their body inside this carrier device of theirs, guaranteed.

Also, when you first take a look at this stroller/car-seat, you might notice just how sleek and elegant it looks, especially if you are looking for something that stands out of the crowd from other traditional and modern-looking strollers.

I mean, look at it, the stroller just screams versatility and comfort.

​Not to mention, Chicco has taken some of the best elements from strollers and baby carriages from over the past decade analyzed what made them so enjoyable and then implement them into this new revolutionary designed for families to enjoy.

What am I talking about?

Well, look at the thing!

The seat alone is fantastic, capable of supporting a myriad of different positions and styles so your child will be safe while on those long, arduous flights down to your relatives for the week.

Additionally, the stroller not only has terrific handling and movement systems on it (ensuring you have complete control over the stroller at all times) but it also comes with a generous and oversized basket underneath the seat, ensuring you can carry that additional bag of supplies or what-not while out on the road.

Not to mention the stroller itself is built to last, capable of holding up too and around 50 pounds of weight and substances while the device itself is only about 15-20 pounds at best; making it the perfect stroller for those who are looking for something a bit more light-weight and easy to travel with.

The Seat

Honestly, I can talk about this stroller for a while, but no one got time for that, so it is time to move onward to the next section, the seat. 

Of course, the stroller is not just a stroller, but it is also a seat that parents and guardians can have their children sit in while they are on the road and traveling, acting as its basket, at the same time.

On average, the seat itself can handle around 25-35 pounds for a child, perfect for any long-term commutes or travel plans that will require your baby to be sitting for a number of hours at one point, all while being safe, happy and comfortable in this device.

The Seat also comes with an adjustable latch and harness system, designed to ensure the child can be comfortable and safe at the same time.

The carrier by itself weighs roughly around 8-10 pounds, and the seat with the base weights an additional 15-20 pounds, which makes it rather light-weight and portable for anyone and everyone who is looking for something of this quality.

Overall, the basket itself is worth the price of admission by itself-especially given what it can do and how much comfort your little one will have while sleeping and playing inside this device, but the fact that you get the stroller as well? It is just an excellent deal from top to bottom.

​The Bad

Yes, there are some negatives to the device, negatives such as there is no snack tray or the fact that while this stroller is on the lighter side of the spectrum, it can still be rather heavy to push when you add the child in on that already some-what sturdy and massive frame.

Not to mention that there is no real way to protect your child from dust, debris, bugs, and other small annoyances outside of the canopy top which can completely shield your kid from the sun, but at the same time encase them in a darkened environment.

However, in my opinion, the few negatives revolving around the stroller does not outweigh the number of benefits and luxuries that this device comes with, not to mention outweighs the sheer quality of the unit as a whole.


Despite the few negatives I listed at the end, they do not overshadow the quality you get with this travel system. Chicco has done an outstanding job with creating a stroller/carrier combo set that families can all enjoy having in their lives, especially for the first few years of their precious newborn's life.
I cannot overstate how much of a deal people are getting with this travel system. It is the perfect device to get for any families out there, especially families who are active and want their children to be apart of the many adventures you want to share with them.