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Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

When you’re expecting your first baby, it’s an exciting time, but it can also be quite expensive.

Buying a stroller, a car seat, and so on can all become pricey, and not everyone has the budget to buy the expensive models. If this sounds familiar, the Chicco Viaro Travel System might just interest you.

​The simple fact is that buying a good baby travel system can save you money. 

Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

The Chicco Viaro is a combination of a stroller and an infant car seat. Just imagine being able to install the car seat in the car, get to your destination, and then pop the car seat right in the stroller. It’s a potentially seamless experience that saves time and hassle.

So, how does the Chicco Viaro Travel System fare against competing models? Let’s find out.

How Safe Is the Car Seat?

When you invest in an infant car seat, you need it to be safe and secure. Here’s what we really like about the Chicco Viaro car seat component.

1. KeyFit 30 System

This model uses the tried and tested KeyFit 30 system. The good news is that this is known to have a fantastic safety record in crash testing. In fact, it’s often rated as testing better than more highly priced brands, so it’s a good thing that Chicco Viaro has stuck with the KeyFit 30 for this unit, too.

2. Extra Padding

Some less expensive car seats really don’t have enough padding, especially around the headrest. The good news is that the Chicco Viaro has plenty of high density EPS foam in this area. It means that the car seat is safer and will absorb a lot of kinetic energy should there be an impact.

3. Tightening System

One of the bugbears for many inexpensive infant car seats is the installation system. Luckily, this is not an issue for this model. In fact, the Chicco Viaro Travel System includes a tightening mechanism for the LATCH installation that makes it easy to ensure everything is secure. We think most parents would be happy with this solution.

What We Love About the Car Seat

Though the infant car seat is only part of the bundle from Chicco Viaro,there's definitely a lot to like. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Easy installation and a tightening system that will help new parents
  • Use of the tried and tested KeyFit 30 system
  • Extra EPS foam padding on the headrest

Things That Could Be Better

Of course, no car seat is absolutely perfect, and this is the case with the Chicco Viaro system, too. We still think the price to feature ratio is competitive enough for most people, but here are some issues to be aware of:

  • Fabric breath-ability: One of the problems is that the fabric on the seat is not as breathable as it could be. This may keep the price down, but you need to be watching that your baby doesn’t get too hot and sticky in the hotter months of the year. Babies can overheat quickly, and this is something to be aware of.

How Does the Stroller Fare?

Strollers can be a really expensive investment. There are plenty of makes and models on the market, but should you invest in a less expensive model such as the Chicco Viaro Travel System, rather than get a stroller separately?

Stroller Safety Features

When you spend money on a stroller, you need it to be safe and secure. This applies to strollers of all makes and prices. This really is a non-negotiable factor. So, how safe is the Chicco Viaro stroller?

Braking System

One of the features we really liked about this stroller is the toe-tap braking system. Some strollers have brakes that are stiff, but Chiocco Viaro has seen fit to include a braking system here that’s super easy to use and can be activated with a simple tap of the toes. When you’re on the run as a parent, you need to have an easy braking system that you can rely on, and we think this one is a good fit.

How Does it Handle?

The Chicco Viaro Travel System is a lightweight stroller, which is ideal for new parents who may be exhausted every day. In fact, the stroller itself weighs only 18 pounds, so it’s definitely one of the lighter options on the market.

This light weight also makes it easy to handle. The only complaint we have is that the wheels are not as big and durable as they could be. We found that it handles nice and smoothly on smooth surfaces, such as sidewalks and in shopping malls, but you can forget about anything rougher than that.

Despite the fact that Chicco Viaro has included a front wheel suspension system, we found it to be largely ineffective at reducing bumps and a rough ride.

Here’s What We Really Like

We think the stroller is a pretty good buy, especially for the money, but there are definitely a few issues to be aware of, such as the handling. That said, here’s what we really liked about the Chicco Viaro stroller:

  • The stroller looks very stylish
  • The easy to use toe-tap braking system makes it an excellent choice for those with safety as a high priority
  • The handlebar is height adjustable, which makes it easy for Mom, Dad, or anyone else in the family to take over stroller pushing duties without any ergonomic hassles
  • The front wheel swivels smoothly, which means that the stroller moves around very easily
  • The included storage area is absolutely huge, making it an excellent choice for parents who often go shopping and need to stow things away
  • There are included parent and child trays
  • It is possible to push the stroller with one hand, which is ideal for busy parents on the go


We think the Chicco Viaro Travel System is a good buy for the money with enough features to keep most new parents happy. The car seat is excellent and has high safety ratings, and the stroller is easy to push around and has excellent brakes. There are a few issues to be aware of, but overall, this represents a solid buy.

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