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5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

Flying with a baby

​Traveling can be an exciting endeavor that many individuals will swear by due to the nature of the experience.

​Flying with a baby can be stressful especially if it is your first time.

Getting to go wherever you want and see the many, many, many different sights and sounds of the hundreds of diverse and exciting cultures is truly an honor to behold, even if you only have time to see one part of that culture before having to hop back onto that plane again. 

Now, this is all well and good, especially if you are traveling either by yourself or with a friend and or family member who is able to take care of themselves when the time comes to it; however, things are rarely that simple, if at all ever.

​There is lots of stuff to pack like clothes, diapers, food, baby bottles, good baby travel system

There are times and situations where we have to think not just of ourselves and our own amusements, but of others while we are on the move and seeing the many sights of the world, and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Flying With a Baby

Every year, hundreds of thousands of parents travel around the world with their babies in their arms. Whether it is because they cannot find a babysitter or a family member to watch them, or they want their baby to experience the journey along with them, it matters not save to the parents in question.

As such, flying on a plane can be one of the hardest parts of the entire trip, even more so than the actual destination, so let us take the time to see how parents can fly safely with their little ones in tow, while also getting the most out of their own trip, especially while on vacation.

1. Book an Extra Seat

I have is to try to swing buying two seats (if you can.) Often enough flights can take multiple hours, especially if it is a trans-Atlantic flight. So one of the best suggestions I have for families who are traveling with a newborn (especially for the first time) is to buy two seats if you can.

That way, if you can buy that second seat for yourself, you can often-enough bring your baby’s car seat with you. Now you not only have your precious bundle of joy sitting inside something familiar at all times, but you also do not have to hold and carry your child for potentially multiple hours while possibly sitting next to a stranger.

2. Keep Them Occupied

I have is to bring plenty of engaging activities for them. Now, yes, carrying toys on you (especially if it is just you and your baby) can be extremely tiring on top of everything else you have to bring with you, but it is vital to keep them physically and emotionally engaged on those long flight times.

Nothing screams we are going to have an uncomfortable time then a baby crying and fussing because they do not have any of their favorite toys while in a completely new and unfamiliar place while being surrounded on all sides by strangers.

So, for their happiness, yours, and the rest of the passengers on-board, please consider bringing a few toys or activities for them to engage with while on the flight. Plus, additionally, it can also help pass the time for you as well since you are playfully engaging with yourself with your little one.

3. Be Ready to Ask for Help

I have is to ask for assistance. Look, I get it, not everyone likes asking for help, especially when it comes to your personal affairs and family, I understand entirely, but at the same time, so does everyone else. Flying can be a stressful and tiring ordeal, especially for first-time families, and many of the flight attendants know this fact as well.

As such, please do not hesitate to ask one of the flight attendants for assistance. They will gladly take your baby’s bottle and heat it, or watch your child while you use the restroom in the back (as there is often barely enough room in those things for adults, let alone small infants.) Flight attendants are there to help the passengers throughout the travel, so helping you take care of your child, even if it is only for a few minutes, is just another aspect of the job.

4. Pack plenty of Snacks

I have to make is bring plenty of snacks or meals with you. Flying for multiple hours can be exhausting on adults, but often enough adults can be fine without a meal or two, but the same cannot be said for tiny children and babies. Babies need something to snack or feed on, especially when taking off and landing and the way it can mess with their hearing for a few minutes.

So, having something that they can snack or nibble on during those periods can be a pleasant distraction for them.

5. Slow Down, Don't Rush

I have is to take it slow, especially if you are flying for the first time. Flying is supposed to be a relaxing and calming experience for everyone on the plane, that should also include you and your child.

The best advice I want to give is to take it slow, bring what you know you will need and do what you need to do. Passengers and flight attendants are often more understanding then media, and some people like to make them out to be. So, please, enjoy yourselves and take your time. 

Is There Anything Else To Know?

There are plenty of other suggestions and tips people can and will give you when flying with your child for the first time. Parents and families fly with babies and toddlers every year, so there is a wealth of knowledge already available on the internet.

So please, if you are flying or do intend to fly, see what others are saying and find out what they think about flying with children. 


I hope this short article of ours was informing and, if nothing else, interesting on the topic of flying with your child.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people fly with their families every year, as such there are plenty of online blogs and videos out there that can and will help you if you need it, just like this one. 

Regardless, I hope you liked the article and found it informing. Thank you again, and have a beautiful day.

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