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Traveling With a Newborn – Tips and Tricks

Traveling a Newborn

So, Taking A Trip, Huh? Awesome!

Traveling is something that I live for, to see new and exciting lands and countries, to visit the many sights of the world and hear the many-more sounds that accompany those various sights.

Nothing makes my heart swell than to see a new and exciting place or town that I have yet to engage with on an emotional level fully, even though I know there will be places I will probably never get to see due to limitations and time. Well, time and money, but that is beside the point. 

Traveling can and always will be an exciting endeavor to undertake, regardless of the destination that comes to mind.

Getting to experience that freedom can and will always be a liberating experience no matter what I see in life or whom I might encounter, nothing beats seeing something new and exciting. 

However, I understand that traveling is not always a solo-endeavor; in fact, it is quite the opposite, I am sure there are many families out there that travel with their loved ones every day and every year, including with newborn babies and infants alike.

​There is lots to plan and you'll need a host of travel accessories like a travel system, travel bag, food, diapers and clothes.

Traveling With a Newborn Infant 

This can be an exciting endeavor all by itself, getting to experience the world in fresh and bold new ways while also getting to bring along that precious bundle that you call your child along with you. I know that can be just as wonderful and beautiful as taking the actual trip itself.

However, I understand that traveling with a newborn baby or infant can still be a daunting task to undertake, especially if flying with a baby for the first time or the drive is a long and arduous one by itself. 

That is why we thought best to write a short article on taking a road trip with an infant or newborn baby. To go over some steps and ideas before hopping onto that highway.

Tips On Taking A Road Trip With A Newborn Infant

1. Don't Go It Alone

The first bit of advice I can give when it comes to taking a road trip with a baby or very young child is to see about going with a friend or family member.

While having it just be you and your baby might seem like a cute and fun idea, in reality, it can be extremely stressful, especially since then you have no one to engage or keep an eye on the kids outside of you. 

At the same time, by having a second person be in the back or with the kid, they can take over driving duties when you need to sleep or rest. Plus, it is just fun having a second person with you who can engage in conversation and take care of other things with the child.

​​2. Plan Your Route

Plan ahead on the route that you want to take and how. Do not get me wrong; I love seeing the sights when on the road with my family, sometimes stopping to see something they / I have not seen yet can be enjoyable.

However, I argue it is not a good idea to do such a thing (especially when it was not in the plan) can be an untold disaster when you have a baby in the backseat. 

Choosing the conventional route is always better when you have a baby with you; that way, you have more chances of stopping at gas stations, motels, rest-stops, and other conventional areas. So, please, try to stick with more straight paths if you have an infant with you.

3. Safety First

​This follows on from number 2 above​​​​​​ , and ​that is safety precautions. Even if you decide against taking impromptu scenic routes or detours, you should always be prepared for anything while out there, heck, this can be applied even without an infant in the back seat, but especially with an infant in the back seat. 

Please make sure to pack a First Aid Kit, also have a repair kit of some kind in the trunk, make sure the car manual is in the glove box, also perhaps have a spare tire with you if you can accommodate one.

Please always remember to be safe out there, regardless of who or how many are with you, my friends. The world is a very beautiful place, but it can still be dangerous at the same time. 

4. Plan Plenty of Stops

The fourth bit of advice I can give you is to plan for frequent breaks and stops. As tough as humans can be, babies do not have the endurance of young adults yet. It would be best if you planned for stops along the way, but there is never a way to plan on anything completely with infants fully.

5. Pack Efficiently

​Understand that most of the car is going to be strictly baby-related items, or at least depending on how long and how far it is you are planning on driving. 

However, from what I have seen, even a few days of adventuring and driving can turn into most of the car being relegated to carrying baby items like a stroller, toys, diapers, bag for the child and so forth. (So, please be prepared to find other places for your suitcases.) 

6. Ask for Help

The sixth and final bit of advice I can give to parents is, be willing to accept aid when you need it. Traveling is supposed to be about making memories, leaving an impression that you and your family will remember for years to come.

However, we are all only human at the end of the day, and sometimes we need help. So, please, if you feel like it is all too much, ask for help, there is no shame to ask for assistance. 

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