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UPPAbaby Vista and Mesa Bundle Review

UPPAbaby Vista and Mesa Bundle Review

Starting a family is an exciting time and it’s important to go out and buy the right gear. A stroller and car seat baby travel system are absolutely essential items, but it’s also important to ensure that they are safe, secure, and can handle your needs. Can the UPPAbaby infant stroller and car seat combination meet your needs as a new parent? 

UPPAbaby Vista and Mesa Bundle Review

What you’ll notice immediately is that the stroller comes with a toddler seat that can be used as an infant seat, and it also comes with a bassinet. What this means is that the stroller will grow with your family in the future. If you’re planning on having more children, the UPPAbaby is well worth a look for this reason alone.

Protecting Your Baby

The delicate skin of babies and toddlers is vulnerable to bugs, pollutants, and the harsh rays of the sun. Fortunately, this stroller includes a bug shield and a rain shield so that you can be sure that your precious cargo is always going to be protected.

We also love the included bassinet because it’s just so roomy and spacious. It’s super comfortable and has also been approved for your baby to sleep in overnight. What this means is that as a parent you won’t need to worry about taking extra gear with you on trips. The bassinet makes for a great sleeping place for baby and the bug and rain shields mean that they will be safe from harm.

Some bassinets and infant seats can be so full of extra padding that the air flow is affected. This can make babies and toddlers sweaty even on a winter day. The good news is that UPPAbaby uses breathable materials in both the bassinet and the car seat, so there are no problems in this regard.

How Well Does It Handle?

When you invest in a stroller, it needs to be easy and convenient to use. The good news here is that this stroller is a breeze to move around. It’s a nice, smooth ride for both you and your baby, and it glides around on surfaces easily. As a tired parent, the last thing you want is a heavy stroller that’s tough to move around in crowds and tight spaces.

The other aspect we love is that it’s easy enough to move the stroller around with only one hand. Some strollers are not easy in this regard, but UPPAbaby understands that the exhausted parent really needs all the help they can get some days!

This Is What We Really Like

The stroller is a good investment in our opinion, but here’s what else we really like about it:

  • It comes equipped with a massive storage basket so that parents can easily store shopping bags and anything else they need as they move around
  • The design and materials are excellent – being both breathable and durable
  • While we love it for one child, it can actually carry three young ones at the same time, making it a great investment for a family who is intending to have more than one child

A Review of the MESA Car Seat

If you’re planning on putting your new baby in the car, you need to have a durable car seat. There are plenty on the market, but some are not quite as durable as they could be. While they all need to pass testing standards to be sold on the shelves, some are clearly better than others. So, how does the MESA car seat stack up against the competition?


One of the most crucial things that you can do as a parent is to ensure that the infant car seat is installed in your car correctly. The big problem is that many parents don’t secure their car seats properly. Maybe this is due to exhaustion or maybe it’s due to an overly complex installation system. Whatever the reason, UPPAbaby hopes to have solved this issue with the MESA car seat model.

So, how easy is it to install the MESA car seat? Fortunately, we had no problems installing it in a range of cars. UPPAbaby has seen fit to include something called the Smart Secure system that includes the easy to use LATCH connections. It’s very obvious how it fits in and can be secured in a moment. We love this aspect of it and think this is a really good move on the part of UPPAbaby.

To make it even easier, UPPAbaby has even included a neat little installation indicator on the car seat base. If it’s red, the car seat hasn’t been installed correctly, if it’s green, you’re good to go! The company has really given this part of it some careful thought and has made it as safe as possible.

How Safe Is it?

When you’re investing in a car seat, you need it to be safe and secure. So, does the MESA car seat meet these high standards? Here are the main safety features you need to concern yourself with:

  • Side located impact protection
  • A headrest that has been designed to absorb kinetic forces in case of an impact
  • The use of high quality Merino sheep wool in the construction of the car seat, which is fire resistant
  • An easy to use Smart Secure system with LATCH connection technology and an installation indicator

Conclusion – Should You Invest?

Along with the Vista baby stroller, the MESA car seat is an excellent buy. Both products combined will provide years of easy, secure, and safe transport for babies and toddlers.

The fact that the stroller component will accommodate up to three children makes it an outstanding option for families with more than one little one, or those that are expecting more children. The MESA car seat, with excellent safety features and durable materials and construction, is a fine complement to the Vista stroller, and we think that both are a great investment.

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